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Peninsula Prevlaka

Prevlaka is a small peninsula in southern Croatia, near the border with Montenegro on the eastern Adriatic coast.

Because of its strategic location in the southern Adriatic, in the aftermath of the SFR Yugoslav breakup, the peninsula became subject to a territorial dispute between Croatia and FR Yugoslavia, a federal state that included Montenegro. The territory has functioned in a provisional regime since 2002.

The narrow, uninhabited peninsula is 2.6 kilometers long and only 150–500 meters wide, covering the area of 93.33 hectares (just under 1 kilometer squared).

The word prevlaka means portage. Cape Oštro (Punta d'Ostro), located at the very tip of the peninsula, is the southernmost point of mainland in Croatia.

North of the Prevlaka isthmus, just within the Bay of Kotor, lie the two less prominent capes Konfin and Kobila, to the northwest of which is a road border crossing between Croatia and Montenegro.

Konavle and the Prevlaka peninsula was bought by the Republic of Ragusa from the Bosnian Kingdom in the early 15th century to protect its eastern flank. Ragusans fortified Cape Oštro in 1441.

The UN mission ended in December 2002 and the territory that had previously been part of SR Croatia was returned to the Republic of Croatia.

An agreement was signed by both sides five days before the departure of the UNMOP that demilitarized Prevlaka and effectively made it a neutral territory, though implementation still has a temporary character.

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