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Our main office is situated in the southest part of Croatia where we also started to run our bussines.


We know every corner of Dubrovnik and its region.

We grew up here and we can asure to provide the best customer service.


The region Dubrovacko-Neretvanska streches itself over the tight coastal part with the islands from the area Neretva in the north till Prevlaka, the bay of the Croatia Saints, in the very south.


The head office of the region is situated in Dubrovnik. The space of this region is characterized of two parts, one being the relative tight coastal area with its numerous islands (the most important ones are Korcula, Mljet, Lastovo and the Elaphite islands) and the other being the area of the Lower Neretva (Donja Neretva).


The coastal area is very unequal and always takes turns from small protected bays and sandy beaches to cliffs that are inevitably at the mercy of the open sea.

Such differentiation in the natural settings make this region one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.


There are even 37 protected monuments, the most known are the national park Mljet, the Delta of the river Neretva and the Arboretum in Trsteno.

The most important cultural event is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, founded in the year 1950.

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