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Lopud week

Lopud is the second largest island of the Elaphiti islands (4.63 km2) and is located just between Kolocep and Sipan.

The highest peak is called Polačica with 216 metres (709 feet) above the sea level.

Due to an agreeabiy mild climate, with an annual average of 2,584 hours of sunshine, this economically most prosperous island is covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Lopud is famous for its sandy beaches, in particular the bay of Šunj.

The smalled town of Lopud is situated in the centre of a wide inlet with spacious sandy beaches.

The stone houses are surrounded by palms, cypress and citrus trees and gardens with subtropical plants which grow well here.

The chronicles tell us of how it had 2 monasteries, 30 churches and a significant number of summer manors and palaces at the end of the XVI century, of which only a small portion remains. Touristically, Lopud is the most developed island in the Elaphite archipelago, and the settlement of Lopud is one of the most frequented of island places.

The mild Mediterranean climate, the lush Mediterranean and sub-tropical vegetation - cypress, lemon, orange, pine and palm trees, the numerous beautiful beaches (Sunj), and the possibility of pleasant walks along the shoreline, contribute to making Lopud and exceptionally attractive destination.

Accommodations are available in private rooms, apartments and three hotels.

Lopud is a quiet island and is a perfect place for those wanting to vacation in peace and quiet in a natural landscape.

Here you can find some more info about the history and old phots of the island:

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Lopud island
Lopud island
Lopud island
Lopud island

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