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KONAVLE – never heard?

You should as it is one of the most beautiful areas in south Croatia...

With Cavtat as the main center, 32 villages in the middle of fruitful fields, 3 rivers, a sea side and mountains up to 1234 meters high, it sounds already very interessting but to feel the peace and beauty of this part of earth, you should come and visit us.

Konavle is actually a narrow field located between the Sniježnica mountain and the Adriatic Sea, spanning the area from the coastal town of Cavtat to the Montenegrin border at Prevlaka. Other than Cavtat, only the southernmost village of Molunat is located on the coast, while the other 30 villages are in the hinterland.

The Sniježnica peak at 1234 meters of altitude is the highest point of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and village of Kuna with its 700 m altitude is the highest village in the county. Although Gruda is the administrative center of the municipality, the largest settlement is Cavtat.

Even though considerably damaged during the Croatian War of Independence, Konavle maintain its status as one of the wealthiest counties in all of Croatia, consistently ranking amongst the ten richest counties.

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