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Dubrovnik Urlaub

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Reservation terms and conditions of CAB TRANSFERS j.d.o.o.

1. Conclusion of travel contract

With the travel registration the client offers contractually the conclusion of a travel contract to CAB TRANSFERS j.d.o. /following as "CT".

The order can be executed in written or verbal. The applicant orders and guarantees for all participants mentioned in the application and for their contract obligations as well as for his own obligations, if he takes a special respective obligation with effective and special declaration. The contract is in force after acceptance by CT. There is no need for a special application for acceptance. During or immediately after contract conclusion CT shall hand over a confirmation for reservation to the Client. 

2. Services

The descriptions and information on this internet page are binding for CT. CT strictly reserves its right to explain changes the offers, due to relevant justified, major and unpredictable reasons before contract conclusion, and will certainly inform the traveller before the booking about those changes.


3. Annulations of contract by the Client

The Client can cancel the travel any time before departure. The receipt of annulations by CT is substantial. It is suggested to announce the annulations in written. CT has the right to charge the Client in case of contract cancelling or if the Client does not start the journey. 

3.1. Standard cancelation fees for travel organisations

until 30 days before departure           30%

from 29th until 15th day before departure           35%

from 14th day before departure           50%

from 7th day before departure           85%

day of departure or in case of non-using of service         100%


3.2. Expectance from the regularly regulations – transfers, one day trips

until 24 hours before departure            10%

from 24 hours until 12 hours before departure            50%

from 12 hours before departure or in case of non-using of service          100%

4. Annulations and cancelling by CT

CT has the right to refuse or cancel the travel contract before or after departure due to following reasons:

a) Without term:  In case the traveller disturbs the organisation of the journey hardly, although the travel company submitted reminders or if the traveller acts against the contract in such a measure that the annulations of contract is justified. In case the travel company has to cancel the contract, he has the right to remain the travel price, but he has to return the value of spared costs as well as the advantages, received by selling the service to another client, incl.  the amounts returned by the key player.

b) Until two weeks before departure: The Client receives a return of the paid funds immediately. If it is foreseeable in advance that the min. number of participants will not be reachable, the Organisation will inform the Client. If the official necessary number of participants can not be reached, if in the offer for a special journey a min. of participants was mentioned, the Organisation is responsible to inform the Client immediately after acknowledge that the journey can not take place.

c) Until four weeks before departure If the execution of journey due to not sufficient booking scope would be not reasonable for the

Organisation, after trying of all possibilities, and if the execution of journey for the Organisation would mean an exceed of economical limits with regard to this journey. A right to cancel the journey exists for the Organisation only, if he is not responsible for the circumstances and if he can proof this circumstance and if he submits to the Client a similar comparable offer. In case the journey was cancelled due to above-mentioned reasons the Client receives a return of the paid amount immediately. In additional the Clients’ booking costs will be returned in lump sum, if he does not use the comparable offer, made by the Organisation.

5. Annulations of Contract due to Force Major

In case the journey will be hardly influenced or endangered due to force major, not foreseeable during conclusion of contract, Organisation and Client are both obliged to cancel the contract. In case of annulations of contract the Organisation can charge a reasonable claim for the already executed or still necessary efforts in order to cancel the journey. Further, the Organisation is responsible to undertake all necessary steps to re- transfer the traveller, especially if the contract contains a request for contract annulations. Additional costs for back-transport will be paid by both parties in equal parts. All other costs will be charge to the traveller.


6. Participation Duty 

The traveller is responsible to participate if service disturbs in scope of the legal regulation arise in order to avoid defaults or to keep them low. The traveller is responsible to inform the key player or CT urgently under the contact data. In case a remedy is possible it will be proceeded. If a traveller fails to inform about a fault he looses his right for reduction. 

7. Passport-, Visa- and Health Regulations

7.1 The traveller is responsible by himself for completion of passport-, visa, custom-, currency and health regulations.

7.2  The traveller will be charged with all disadvantages due to non-completion of these regulations, even if these regulations were changed after booking.

7.3  If the traveller does not pay attention to the entrance regulations of single countries or if a visa was not issued in time, due to the traveller’s guilt,  and the traveller could not participate on the journey because of those reasons, CT can charge the traveller with the respective costs for termination of contract.

7.4 Fees by the Embassy for issue of visa are not included in the lump sum. CT is responsible to inform clients about existing passport-, visa- and health regulations as well as changes before departure. Disadvantages caused by non respecting of regulation will be charged to the traveller, except CT caused on own guilt a non-or disinformation.

7.5 CT does not guarantee for an issue of necessary visa in time, only if the delay was caused by CT.


8. Place of Jurisdiction

The traveller can sue the travel Organisation to court only at its place of jurisdiction. For legal action by the travel organisation against the traveller the address of the traveller measures, excluded the legal action is against full-commercialists or person, which changed their address to abroad after conclusion of the contract or if the address or usual place of living is unknown during the time of complain. In this case the Organisations’ address counts. 

Company: CAB TRANSFERS j.d.o.o.                                                      Tel.   00385 (0) 20 456 017

Registered office: Petra Hektorovica 23, 20 000 Dubrovnik             Fax.  00385 (0) 20 456 018


Director and responsible person: Peggy Brailo

Mail: info(at)


Registration court: Dubrovnik

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