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Mlini and its mills

Mlini is located just 10 kilometers from the town of Dubrovnik, in an uniquely beautiful and still unspoiled area, in a beautiful well protected bay. The population of Mlini is around 1,000 inhabitants.

Mlini used to be the ancient historical settlement Molina.

This was the centre of the milling trade, and a long time ago it was often mentioned because before the water system was built water was taken from here to Dubrovnik, especially in the summer months when there was a drought.

In the 15th century, two boats regularly carried drinking water from Mlini to Dubrovnik. The village got its name thanks to the abundant springs on which the mills were built, and out of the former mills only one has been kept intact.

Boats came to Mlini in the 19th century, not only from the city, the whole of Župa, and neighbouring Konavle and Herzegovina, but also from the Ukraine and were carrying wheat that was milled here.

And whilst the men worked in the mills, the woman sewed and washed the bags for flour.

After 1897, the mill grindstones used electric energy from their own central power Station in the mill “Marija”.

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