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Dubrovnik guiding tour

Explore the old town part of Dubrovnik accompanied by a professional, licensed city guide who will present you the interesting and wonderful history of this place on an easy way.

The meeting point for this tour is at the west entrance to the city – called Pile gate, just in front of the main tourist office.

On request, we will organize a transfer for you to Pile gate from your hotel or other destination.

From Pile, together with your guide, you will walk through the old town, cross the main street Stradun and get an overview of the most important churches, monasteries and museums in Dubrovnik.

During this orientation tour, you will inspect the history and the development of Dubrovnik town since the 7th century till today.

After the tour you will know who and when built the city walls of this beautiful town, where the main churches are, what monasteries and museums you should visit, who lived in Dubrovnik and how is the economy today.

Your guide will be at your disposal also after the booked tour, to provide answers to your questions and give you tips about how to spend your time in Dubrovnik the best way.

This tour is also an excellent combination with our Panorama Tour above Dubrovnik town when you have the possibility to see this town in all its beauties from several sites before you dive into its narrow streets and history.

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