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Dubrovnik evening walking tour

Accompanied by a local professional guide, you will surly get to know lot of more info then you could ever read in a travel book.

If you are more interested in legends and stories that have been told for hundreds of years in this city, then about the living in Dubrovnik, then you should join our evening tour.

What happened in this city in the middle ages, during the nights when the gates were closed and everyone should sleep?

What legends are hidden in the small narrow streets of this city that has been one of the main trade centers?

The people of Dubrovnik used to live after exact rules, so there were also some things that could to be done only after the sun went down. What kind of things?

And who was protecting this town and the people inside the city walls beside Sant Blasius?

I will be at your disposal also after the tour, to provide answers to your questions and give you tips about how to spend your time in Dubrovnik the best way.

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