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Lopud island - what a great place to be

The traffic free island Lopud was discovered years ago as an ideal place for holidaymaker who return year after year to enjoy the tranquillity and unique beauty of the island. Lopud is a pleasant and peaceful resort on the island of the same name, located about 6 sea miles from Dubrovnik between the islands Kolocep and Sipan. The large sandy beach called Sunj Beach is located in the northwest part of the island and it popular with nudists. One can enjoy the unspoilt nature of the island, taking walks along the paths leading inland through hills and valleys covered with Mediterranean vegetation or visiting the lovely sandy beaches. In keeping with these impressive surroundings, the village itself has maintained a harmonious balance between its buildings, parks and gardens. Come and experience this island, which is renown for the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants who still value their culture and traditions. There are daily Excursions to the surrounding sights of Lopud, From spring to autumn Lopud offers a variety of entertainment as well as sport possibilities within a peaceful, traffic-free setting. Lopud is such an unforgettable experiences that you will be sure returning.

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