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Be sure to take a walk along the beautiful geometrical paths of this garden

Gjorgjiæ-Mayneri Park on Lopud island - today a public opened park to enjoy the peace and nature of the island, was established in the eighties of the 19th century on an elongated parcel of the previous olive-grove, next to the old summer mansion of the noble family Gjorgjiæ from Dubrovnik.

It is one of the largest parks in the area of Dubrovnik (13000 m2).

The parks consists of two parts - a front and a rear section divided with a drywall. It covers an area of 13000m2 and it is the second largest park in the region.

The garden is entered via a few steps from just before the remains of hotel Grand. You will pass under a arch which was completely decorated with various shells and peaces of blue murano glass. It is said that it reminded the Baron on Venice.

Be sure to take a walk along the beautiful geometrical paths of this garden. Imagine how it must have looked covered with citrus and orange trees, olives and high palm trees which still remain.

The Gjorgjiæ-Mayneri park is located on the island of Lopud wich makes part of the Elaphites Archipelage at the place having the same name, westwards from Dubrovnik.

The ground-plan design of the park is conceptualised and laid out in the composite style of the 19th century, distinguished by an interaction of geometrical and ireehand design present in the gardens in the Mediterranean. In some design elements of the park it is possible to anticipate an influence of the Dubrovnik garden tradition.

The vegetation component of the park was characetrized by an outstanding presence of the exotic plant species quita singnificant in the gardens of the time.

Despite of the long-time neglect this park still possesses some irrevocable values and represents a very special sight of Lopud.


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