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Sipan island

Šipan is the largest (16.5 km2) island in the Elaphite archipelago, with the richest monuments.

There are two larger settlements on the island - Sipanska Luka and Sudurad, which are connected by a road that cuts across the fertile Fields of Sipan. During the XV century, many aristocratic Dubrovnik families built summer manors on Sipan. Accordingly, the summer manor of the Sorkocevic family stands out in Sipanska Luka.


There is a painting of the Virgin Mary and Child in the parish church of St. Stephen, the work of Panteleon, a Venetian painter from the XV century. The Dubrovnik Republic located the center of its authority on the island above Sipanska Luka, a Late Gothic Rectors Palace built in 1450 A.D. Sudurad is dominated by two large fortification towers that were built within the complex of two Renaissance summer manors owned by the Skocibuha family (XVI century). These towers served as a defense against piracy. The slopes of the Fields of Sipan are covered with numerous summer manors, medieval Renaissance and Baroque churches and chapels. The Sveti duh (Holy Spirit), a church-fortress, is of particular interest. Today, the vast beaches, the clean sea abundant with fish, the rich vegetation, and the widely renowned Sipan wine, attract a growing number of visitors who want a peaceful holiday.

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